Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

receive create combine

“It Feels like Cheating” – This is the title of the blogpost that I had intended to write to accompany this photo… it would be a post about my latest project, the one I wrote about previously here. The nature of this project indicated the necessity of another blog. Which is where I have been spending (or investing) my blogging time for the last two weeks. And, to be honest, it does feel a bit like cheating: spending time there instead of here…

I was getting ready to type a rather lengthy text explaining my project and then I saw this weeks photo challenge: “future tense”… It was as if the pieces of the puzzle fell in their place.

I quote small part of this post (you can read the whole post in: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/weekly-photo-challenge-future-tense/ )

“In today’s challenge we want you to grab an image from your world that holds the promise or portent of the future. It could be:

  • As everyday as the experience of waiting for a bus or train.
  • As abstract as something that symbolizes your ambitions or hopes for the future.
  • A note, prayer or promise jotted on a napkin or cross-stitched with exquisite tenderness.

For me, right now, there is no better image from my world that holds the promise of the future than a photo of my latest project which I named “receive create combine”.

receive create combine

The purpose of this project is to inspire and stay inspired; to have fun while making things together; to react to what you see in a creative way.

It is an experiment in collaborative visual association. It involves participation of a lot of people from many different countries. It is only the beginning, but right now there are already 13 participants from 3 countries.

My dream is that this creative postcard project will spread like a virus around the world. That inspiration and creativity will expand in a contagious way. A rather ambitious dream, I know… But even if this doesn’t happen, I will consider this project successful if it ignites a spark of inspiration in some people and urges them to allow creativity in their everyday life.

I’d love it if you have a look at it and I’d love it even more if you would join me in this experiment: http://receivecreatecombine.wordpress.com

Have a great weekend!



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