To blog or not to blog…

If there were a Blogger’s Procrastination Award, I would certainly be one of the first people to get nominated. Life gets in the way often, sometimes more often than others… The truth is that I have made several beginnings for blog posts all this time, but I didn’t see why any of these would interest anyone else out there. This led me to think about blogging in general, and this blog in particular. What I want with it and how I want to get there. How it interacts with my work. And how it interacts with whoever sees it, my subscribers and the accidental visitors who google themselves to this place. It is time for a change, a change in layout and a change in content. It is time for an experiment, time to see what happens if I show more of how I work and where my inspiration comes from.


I took this picture in December to mark the beginning of a new project. The idea behind it took some time to crystallize. I will be blogging about it soon.


One thought on “To blog or not to blog…

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