Daily projects, PiBoIdMo, RSI and other old news…

It is this period of the year again when the days are hectic and time flies. I have been offline for a while; I couldn’t use my right hand because of rsi. I started training my left hand, hoping that I could get as far as being able to paint and draw with the ‘wrong’ hand… The only thing I achieved was a stack of clumsy drawings and the first signs of rsi also in my left hand. (I might show some of these clumsy sketches later on if I find the guts to post them…)

start PiBoIdMo

As far as ‘Picture Book Idea Month’ (PiBoIdMo) is concerned, I have to admit that I have failed! I don’t like failing. I had thought of posting often about PiBoIdMo during November, but my hands did not agree… Last year I had managed to finish the challenge, even though November is always a terribly busy month. This time I had decided to participate with illustrations for my stories instead of written ideas. Well, I didn’t get much further than rough sketches of my ideas for the first few days of November…

I have been working on several projects lately. If my hands ‘co-operate’, I will be showing them here the coming days. I am particularly excited about one of them, a variation of one of my Daily Projects, which I will be doing in the window of a temporary shop. I am not used to work when others are watching and this time I will be letting the audience interfere and even participate in the process. This is merely an experimental project; I’m very curious how it will go. (http://www.facebook.com/events/429852590402804/ )

Last but not least – It is this period of the year again: Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is back in town making everyone go crazy and stressed-out! It is a wonderful tradition – giving presents anonymously – but it is a pity that it is not a real holiday: people are not free from their work; it is not always easy to find the right present and then make a complicated surprise wrapping for it and write a long -funny- poem to give together with the present… Having said that, I’m off now, I still have to start with my surprise-wrapping!

Until next time!


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