Old News

It has been a while… Again. They say, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”… so true!

It’s almost a month ago that the Atelier Route took place. (My news are quite old this time). This year, I could participate thanks to the generous offer of two friends – www.ateliers197.nl and www.aboutstek.nl – who allowed me to use an empty space in the building they are renting for their work.

I know; it is called Atelier Route and the point is that visitors can get the chance to see the real atelier/studio of the artist, to visit the place where the paintings are actually made, and to smell and feel the atmosphere of these creative places… But my atelier is very small; too small for the number of visitors I get each time. This became clear a few years ago when people were cramped like sardines in a tin: some would have to stand at the door waiting until other people would leave; others would walk away because it was too busy for them. So I was very happy with my friends’ generous offer! The space felt warm and welcoming. It was a pleasure to be there with my work and meet so many interesting people.

There was this empty metal cupboard in the space and it gave me the chance to do something I have never dared to do before: show unfinished work, work in progress… I had recently started working on a few new paintings in colors which I have never used for paintings before: pink and black. I didn’t have time to finish them before the Atelier Route – and to be honest I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to finish them… I have never shown paintings at such an early stage, I have never shown my sketches, my daily projects and my way of thinking and working so openly before. And it was scary; Scary and great at the same time… It seems that showing the process is just as important as showing the finished paintings, especially during the atelier route.

Have a nice weekend!


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