Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I haven’t been here much lately, even though I have a whole list of things I want to post about. I like this week’s photo challenge; hands have always fascinated me (and frustrated me whenever I tried to draw or paint them!)

The first picture is related to my contribution for last week’s challenge: making paper. Here you see hands enjoying the silky texture of paper pulp just after mixing it to a smooth thick liquid. (I think Daughter liked this part of papermaking the most!)

These two pictures are from a series of photographs I made during a workshop with 9-10-year-old children. The degree of concentration was often very visible in their hands. (You can also have a look at my post ‘Busy hands’ about this subject: https://atelierzisiadou.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/busy-hands/ – sorry, just saw that the link doesn’t work… don’t know yet what I’m doing wrong)

This last picture was taken previous weekend. By coincidence this year Mother’s Day was the same day as my birthday so having a double celebration to look forward to, we booked a well-deserved three-day-holiday in the woods. I took this picture when we were leaving: walking towards the parking I was holding the key in my hand, afraid I would forget to deliver it (again). As I look at the picture now, it almost gets a symbolic meaning: the hand that holds the key to a fantastic weekend, to great times together, to rest, quiet, laughter, walks, good films, tasty meals, …

Now I wonder, does this always happen, I mean, does every object get a symbolic (or just different) meaning if a hand holds it?

Have a wonderful day!


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