Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Unfocused: I had to laugh when I read this week’s theme. I don’t like unfocused photographs. The only exception is if their being out of focus serves a specific purpose. But right now, the theme ‘Unfocused’ seemed quite appropriate for me: I have been rather unfocused lately… What you see (actually what you don’t see 😉 ) in this photograph is a close up of a pile of handmade paper. I took this picture especially for this week’s challenge. It was quite hard to prevent the camera from focusing – these automatic things tend to do that, they have a mind of their own… First I tried focusing at a far away spot and then move the camera quickly to my subject. This resulted in blurred pictures; but blurred because they were moved, not because they were unfocused. So I rejected them all because moved photo’s are not the same as unfocused photo’s (I’m quite precise with these things 😉 ) In the end I did manage to find a way to ‘trick’ the camera to let me do what I wanted. I’m inserting also a second photograph so you can see what the first one was about. Here, the background is unfocused so I guess it is not totally out of place…

Until next time!


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