Random Prompts for Daily Practice – week 18

It has been quite busy here the last few days with the preparations for “Koninginnedag” and now with May-holiday. When schools are closed parents often have to get creative and inventive when it comes to making a program for the day, each day… Therefore I’m quite late with posting my Random Prompts as I had promised. But, better late than never… So, here they are, the prompts for this week:

Random Prompts for Daily Practice – week 18

  • Make a mind-map of your day. Combine words with symbols and images. Make something special out of small unimportant events. Give it the title: “Something special happened today….”
  • Paste a picture of a face (a photograph or from a magazine) on paper. Draw small doodles like henna tattoos around it.
  • Make a collage / Get inspired by the first sentence in an arbitrary page of an arbitrary book
  • Color combination: Yellows and Blues: Naples & Indian Yellow and Dark Blues: Indigo, Indanthrene, Prussian & French Ultramarine.
  • Use an image that inspires you to make something new.
  • Paste a picture on paper and paint around it completing the image.
  • Make stains and monotypes on very smooth/glossy paper. Use these prints to make something else.
  • Draw & paint figures with charcoal, conté & acrylics / inspired by somebody else
  • Use (a copy of) an old photograph. Play with letters around it in any technique you like.

I hope they inspire you to make something!

Have a nice week!


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