Crafting for a Cause

Every year on the 30th of April the Dutch celebrate ‘Koninginnedag‘, the queen’s birthday. It is a national holiday and everyone is out on the streets – if it does not rain, which is often the case, unfortunately. It is a day that people are allowed to sell their stuff on the street. You can imagine that this means a major spring clean up for some: it is the yearly chance to clear out the attic or the basement and earn some money by discarding things you no longer need or like… Until a few years ago, you could also sell homemade cookies, cupcakes, snacks or even meals. But this is now forbidden after some cases of food poisoning in the past.

What I enjoy most during this day is looking at the children: they arrange their little ‘shop’ on a plaid and they sell their old toys, books and collections of cards. With the money they earn they visit other children’s ‘shops’ and buy ‘new’ things for a very good price. Children grow up fast and they love growing up. But it takes a lot of courage to decide to part with beloved toys and books, and it takes even more guts to sell these things for a bargain price. My daughter(10y.) has been busy selecting things that she can sell, which means that the day after tomorrow -backache permitting- I will be out on the street accompanying her. Yesterday we had the idea of also earning some money for a good cause by selling handmade things. After brainstorming for a while we decided on decorating matchboxes and putting a wish or an inspiring prompt inside. People can buy them and give them to someone they love instead of a card, for example for a birthday, mothers day, wishing them good luck, get well, etc. Biggest part of the money will go to an organization which helps ill children (which one will be daughter’s decision). So yesterday evening I got out the stash of crafting materials I had long ago bought -and almost never used- and I am helping her with decorating the little boxes so that she has more to sell and more money to give to this organization. Too bad we are so late with thinking about it; now we really have to hurry!

Crafting for a cause: gathering the materials we can use

Just a start, not even one of them is finished yet...

Have a nice weekend!


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