Hello again

I haven’t written for quite some time here; somewhere between the daily routine of work, family life and health issues I suppose I missed the energy or lost the drive… or felt I didn’t really have much to say… You know how it goes: we make plans, program events, make appointments and then… life happens… Life happens with all its glorious – and often outrageous – unpredictability of issues and events that lead us to paths we had not chosen.

It was still winter when I wrote my previous post and now we’re halfway through spring. Spring always gives me a feeling of joyful anticipation: watching everything grow and blossom again makes me realize how powerful nature’s creative energy is. So now it’s a perfectly good moment for me to blow some new life into this blog. As an experiment I will be sharing with you my Random Prompts for Daily Practice. I have written about this project in my previous post. In the meantime I have enriched it with exercises and prompts from other disciplines, things I like doing and things I find challenging or difficult, things I often make and things I want to make but always postpone them because they seem silly, unnecessary or unimportant… You get the picture I guess: I’m talking about random prompts to get the creative juices flowing; to get started or get restarted or to keep on going… My prompts are mainly related to painting or drawing, but I suppose you can interpret them in another discipline if you choose to use any of them. I’m not sure yet what kind of form I will give them here in this blog; this whole idea of posting the prompts that inspire the work instead of posting a picture of the finished product is still quite new to me. As long as this experiment lasts, at the end of each week I will be posting next weeks’ prompts. If you decide to use (any of) them, it is totally up to you if you want to do one every day, one every week, or combine them with each other and make something whenever you like. Please note that these prompts are often no more than just one single word that I wrote on a small card. I am tempted to make explanatory sentences for them here, but I am afraid that by doing this I will limit or guide other people’s ideas and inspiration. As part of the experiment I will be posting them as they are for the time being. The intention behind these words is better understood if you add “inspired by…” or “make something with…” in front of them. (Take the word ‘portrait’ for example: as a prompt it can be any of the following: “make a portrait”, “get inspired by a portrait”, “make something inspired by a portrait”, “use a portrait to make something else”, “make a portrait of a portrait”, etc.) Please let me know if you find the prompts too abstract and incomprehensible when written like this; I will then write them in a full sentence. So, here they are, the prompts for next week:

Random Prompts for Daily Practice – week 17

  • write a page full and paint over it / form repetition / black & white.
  • 5 arbitrary objects / doodle without looking or doodle with the wrong hand
  • affirmation / graffiti or tattoo style / markers
  • inspired by somebody else’s weblog / portrait / charcoal
  • 20-minute study of light / pencil, pen, charcoal or conté
  • poem / collage
  • quote / 3 figures (or figure-like objects) / watercolor
  • stamps (post stamps and/or rubberstamps) / charcoal+conté & gesso+acrylics

If you make something inspired by these prompts and you show what you made in your blog, please leave a message here, so that I can also have a look at your blog. What inspires you? What gives you a creative boost? What are you making?

Have a nice weekend!


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