These are pictures of random shapes of frozen water in the canal near my home. I am a few weeks late with this theme so I’m not going to call this post “Weekly Photo Challenge:Random” as I had initially intended. The different forms and colors of water surfaces has been an endless source of inspiration for me. And in these pictures it is the sense of ‘ordered randomness’ that fascinates me.

Randomness is something that I am increasingly allowing in my work. This is not always easy, because I tend to want to control the way my paint gets on the paper or canvas. I want to control the outcome, but somewhere on the way I miss – or discard – a lot of great accidents that my materials might produce. As a way of forcing myself to allow randomness more frequently in my work, I started with a new daily project: making things out of random prompts. There is quite a challenge in this for me: about half of the prompts I wrote are related to themes or materials that I almost always avoid… because I’m not good in them, because I don’t like them, because I find them too difficult – or just because I never thought of using them before.

Health issues can also come to us in a random manner. It was not my intention to neglect my blog so much. And it was not my intention to neglect a lot of other things… Obstacles that work against creativity can take many different and unexpected forms; this is what I have been finding out for the past five weeks. Sometimes, after a while – if you are lucky – the very same obstacles can function as chances, as possibilities, as new ideas for new projects. It’s a random thing… (And for the time being: I just have to be patient and trust the Dutch health system_)

Random stains of acrylic ink in one of my art journals. It is only a background, a first layer of paint on something that still has to be worked on again and again before it is finished. I like the randomness in the symmetry of it. At first sight you think it is totally symmetrical, but looking closely you start noticing the differences.

Until next time!


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