An Unexpected Start

Friday the 13th today… A lot of people consider the 13th to be an unlucky day, especially when it is on a Friday. Well, for me, 13 has often been a good number, at its worse a neutral number or date. Like today. Today is the first day in two weeks – the first day this year! – that the pain in my back allows me to sit in front of the computer for more than a few minutes. For two weeks I have been exchanging bed-rest with short walks in order to deal with this problem with my back. In Dutch it is called a ‘hernia’, I have no idea if this is the right word in English too. I am trying now to catch up with a lot of things that need to be done at work, at home and also here in WP-land… First of all, it is never too late to wish to everyone here a very good, happy, healthy and inspirational new year! I hope all the best for you and your families! I am very much behind with reacting to all the messages you left for me and I have a lot of reading to do in the blogs I’m following. I never thought I would miss my laptop so much! I didn’t manage to replace it after it crashed a couple of years ago, and now… well, now it would have made the last two weeks much easier!


Not a sharp photo, but it gives me a warm happy feeling.

It is always easy to talk in retrospect, but being temporarily bound in bed has a strange quality and consequences beyond the fact of having too many things to catch up with now. At first I was ok with it, thinking it would be over in a day or so. Then I got increasingly frustrated when I realized that the way I had to lie (so that my back wouldn’t hurt) I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even read: the book would get too heavy after a while… (The laptop would have also been too heavy!) When I finally surrendered to this situation, I got a major blast of creative energy in the form of numerous ideas, which demanded immediate realization. Well, I was really grateful for all the ideas, but I got even more frustrated with my physical inability to do something – anything – with them. A rather cynical stoicism overwhelmed me at this point… So I put everything on hold and decided to ‘sit it out’ – well, ‘lie it out’ in this case – hoping I wouldn’t forget all the ideas by the time I could get back to work. And now? Now half of them are gone, but the ones that I still remember are enough to keep me busy for the coming months: all kinds of ideas for new projects, new paintings, new programs for the courses and workshops I will be teaching, new hobbies, new plans…

Until next time!


I love the colors of the lights within the night's blackness


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Start

  1. Sorry to hear of your back problems. I know how it feels, having suffered myself. And I also know the frustration of being laid up and having creative thoughts and not being able to do anything!!

    Speedy recovery and Happy New Year 🙂

  2. I’m out of action too with an injured foot and I’ve been catching up with admin and reading, research and ideas development. It’s very important for artists to make time to do these things – we shouldn’t need to wait until we’re unwell but it’s eaasy to get caught up in the creative process. Glad you’ve developed lots of new ideas 🙂

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