Saint Katherine’s day

It was Saint Katherine’s day today (25 nov.), also known as Catherine of Alexandria. I was named after this saint, and so was my grandmother and my grandmother’s grandmother. Name-days are very celebrated in Greece, where I was born. I still celebrate it, even though where I live now most of the people don’t even know what a name-day is.

Recently, my grandmother gave me this icon of Saint Katherine. I remember it hanging in her sleeping room. I was very touched and honored when she passed it on to me.

This is a more common depiction of Saint Katherine. I scanned this icon sometime in the nineties and I can’t remember in which book it was to give the proper credits. Icons have always fascinated me. Several years ago I painted a few icons in the original old technique using egg-tempera. It was a very relaxing activity, almost like meditating…

Have a nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “Saint Katherine’s day

  1. I’d love to know how to do egg tempera!

    I’m a Katharine, too, but named after Martin Luther’s wife, as was my mom. Germans know a great name, when they see it, too! 😉

    Thanks for all the “likes” at my place. 🙂

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