Knowing when to slow down…

There are times when we want to do too many things at the same time, when we plan our agenda totally full and then think we have time for even more things… It is knowing when to slow down that keeps us sane and healthy in this fast and demanding world. So I’m going to slow down here until the beginning of november; I’m stepping over to A-Post-A-Week until then. There are too many things happening in my life now and I can’t write everyday something worth reading…

swan family

For the time being I leave postaday with a picture of a majestic swan family: I see them almost everyday, but I only really noticed them now that I decided to slow down. Their gracious slow movements and the interactions with each other fascinated me. The whole thing looked like a well-rehearsed dance performance. Before I knew it I had taken a lot of photographs.


6 thoughts on “Knowing when to slow down…

    • Thank you very much for the nomination! To be honest I was very surprised because I am quite new and inexperienced in blogging. I will soon write a post about the award. My life has been very hectic lately and I wanted to take my time to choose the bloggers I will nominate, I didn’t want to do it in a hurry… Thanks for your nice message.

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