Accidental encounters

huge tree
During autumn, a walk in the park or in the woods reminds us generally of how ephemeral things are, how soon after birth the process of decay starts making its visible signs. I came across this giant tree today, at least, what must have been a giant tree… With a tree-trunk diameter larger than 1,7m this is probably the thickest tree I’ve ever seen; well, what’s left of it… It was not easy to count the lines to figure out how old it was when it was cut, but it was surely very old; it had ‘seen’ many autumns and many springs… Going back a century or something close; not ephemeral at all… I thought of all the people who had passed by and had seen this tree, I thought of their lives and the changes in people’s’ lives, the changes in living conditions and degree of comfort, the changes brought by technology while all this time this tree was growing and growing bigger and bigger… Always the same and always different… More than a century old and ephemeral at the same time…



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