Something different for today’s post…

american pancakesNo, I don’t intend to start posting pictures of what I cooked and what I ate each day, don’t worry! I had planned to write about something else today, something in relation or continuation of what I wrote yesterday. But now it doesn’t seem right, it’s not the right moment… Today was a strange day. A day of double feelings; helping Daughter to get ready for a week away, to autumn-camp… She can’t wait to be there, she’s thrilled and happy. I am happy for her and I know I’ll be not-so-happy while she’s gone. Children grow old so quickly and they need to fly and be free. I remember a lot of first times, a lot of second times… The depth of these emotions surprise me in a sense, and they remind me of the depth of the emotions preceding the creation of an idea, a painting.

Tomorrow I will be waving goodbye to my daughter and I won’t see her till Friday! This was reason enough to make her favorite breakfast, american pancakes. We can’t find this mix here and it is very different from the dutch pancake mix. My husband brought it back from the US. All I had asked for was a recipe for american pancakes and he came back with this delicious mix in a beautifully designed tin! Our daughter loves them! (we too… ) It is funny to realize that something probably very common in one part of the world can be very special in another place. I wish this tin would last forever! I wish I could figure out the secret recipe!


2 thoughts on “Something different for today’s post…

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh and for leaving a message! He enjoyed it himself too… Daughter had indeed many stories to tell, even now she remembers things she forgot to tell us. By the way, she recently read one of your mother’s books.

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