“What do you expect?”

series of small paintings

One of the things I like so much about events such as the Atelier Route is the contact with the public, from the well-informed visitor to the unsuspecting passer-by… I enjoy their remarks and questions even though they might be difficult to respond to sometimes. I have participated many times in the Atelier Route and once again I was ready to hear the usual questions varying from practical issues (“how did you make this?”, “do you still give courses?”, “what is the difference between oils and acrylics?”) going on to more abstract – theoretical issues (“why did you make this?”, “what was the idea behind it?”, “where does inspiration come from?”, etc. etc…) It is always very inspiring to hear what others have to say when they visit and look at my work. Some are genuinely interested and open to new visual experiences, others are more interested in talking about their own experiences with painting. Some talk a lot without saying much, some use few but very meaningful words and others say much and to the point, and I wish I could have recorded all the things they said… Some are silent and leave quite quickly; some are silent and stay long… This was the case with the visitor who asked the question: “What do you expect from the people who visit your studio?” She had stayed long and had been silent. And then, after a brief talk, she surprised me with this question – nobody had ever asked me this before. I had to think hard before answering, I had never thought about it before… My answer was what I thought to be right at the moment, and now – a day later – I am still thinking about it: what do I expect from people visiting my atelier (during the Atelier Route)? I think I’ll have to give this some more serious thought before I write a post about it…

The coincidence is that this year I had been more curious about the public; I wanted to know more about the people visiting my studio so I typed the question ‘what inspires you?’ on a piece of paper and stuck it on the wall near the front door. By providing yellow post-it notes and a couple of red markers I thought a lot of people would respond, but very few reacted. Maybe people ‘in real life’ are afraid to talk and write about their fascinations and inspirations… Well, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are inspired and they know and feel it, that’s what matters!

So… what inspires you?


2 thoughts on ““What do you expect?”

  1. Right now I’m feeling very inspired by layers and textures. Of course all the Fall leaves are inspiring my good mood!

    It is interesting hearing what people have to say about your work, what draws them in and what aspects of it they focus on. I like to have direct contact with my buyers for this very reason.

    • Thanks for responding!
      I also prefer direct contact with buyers, I’m curious to know what they see in my work, what attracts them.
      I like the way you combine metal and stone in your work and also the way you fold the metal plate to give texture and depth.

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