Children’s Book Week coming up

October has come and Children’s Book Week starts coming Wednesday. Bookshops are preparing already for weeks for this event, displaying gradually more and more books for children; books of all sorts and sizes, about all kinds of subjects… Is it my idea or are children’s books becoming more attractive and desirable every year, a real wannahave object? Some of them are really fascinating, others very clever and yet others just very beautiful to look at… or maybe it’s me and I still have to grow up! Too bad we didn’t have such wonderful books when we were growing up.

During a walk in town this morning – the shops were still closed – I passed by one of the bookshops nearby. The friendly ladies who work there were busy changing the window-displays, most of them were empty, a few not changed yet. I can’t wait to see the results of their efforts! The theme this year is “Superheroes” – a very visual theme that can have various interpretations. Up till now I did manage to resist having a good look at the newest books, but after Wednesday things will change I’m afraid…

Personally, I experience also a downside in all this excitement with inspiring children’s books: one day…. who knows… maybe… when I’ve got the time… perhaps… there might, just might be a book in that display with my own illustrations in it… But this will never happen as long as I don’t spend time on it instead of doing other things! – things that are also important, but still… I think I was about nine years old when I illustrated my first book. The idea – or maybe I should call it a dream – never left me. It’s just that I never make the time for it, giving priority to my painting, autonomous painting as they call it here in Holland. But who knows… maybe… one day…


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