No Fall Orange here – It’s Spring Green!

It’s past 1.00 a.m. now that I’m writing this and as far as the PostADay is concerned, I feel I’m cheating… In my sense of extended time it is still Sunday. The last few days have been a race against the clock here. Working for three deadlines and having a sick child at home are two things that don’t mix very well. Blogging time in this hectic period seems like a luxury I can’t afford. I did try to get some nice photographs for the Weekly Challenge though, but after a walk in the park I came back empty handed: Nature has obviously decided to skip fall… It doesn’t surprise me, after all it (or she?) skipped summer too! Back in my atelier, painting in spring greens… Oh! I get this warm feeling again, this thrilling anticipation of summer with all its freedoms… but hey! it’s the wrong season!



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