Thank you!

Today I want to spend a moment to say a big thank you to all the people who are reading my weblog, to the people who have left messages and especially to the people who have subscribed: you give me confidence and motivation to go on, and for this THANK YOU!

As a beginning blogger, I still have a lot to learn, not only how the WordPress software works, but most of all learn how to put my thoughts in the right words… I hope I won’t let you down in this process and I hope I won’t let myself down, as I am rethinking and reconsidering my initial goal with this blog. When I started here I intended to write only about my work and things related to it. My work is not a nine-to-five office job that I can leave behind when I leave the working floor. It wakes me up at nights, it hurries me up when I’m having a shower, it makes me run to my sketchbook when I’m cooking for my family… My work is a huge part of my life and of who I am. It is inherent to all of the other activities in my everyday life. So I realize now that I cannot really make the separation: work versus all-the-rest.

Two weeks ago I promised myself I would post something everyday; everyday no matter what happens! Well, yesterday I found out that sometimes some promises cannot be kept… At around 19.30h., I got such a terrible pain in my back that I went straight to bed. I don’t know how I managed to get out of bed this morning to help our daughter get ready for school. And I don’t know how I will manage to get on with my work today – my back is still killing me. But hey, things happen, I missed one day of PostADay, I’ll pick it up again today…

Composition in White II - sounds like a title... Just some pages waiting to become books...


In the attempt to finish my oil paintings on time for my exhibitions, I have shamefully neglected my 365-days projects. One of them, the ‘a-book-a-day’ project (see also my earlier post: ), gets a totally new start: initially I started it as a visual diary – for personal use, not for sale. Neglecting it made me take some distance from it, and now, rethinking the initial idea behind it – and with credits to the wonderful person who brainstormed on it with me – I start all over again. With a very slight change they can be more accessible for public viewing and eventually be put for sale – if I decide to do so. … Which immediately raises the question: am I then commercializing my work? …especially that which should be private, personal thoughts, a diary in images? But this is a totally different discussion, I won’t go into it now, because I don’t even know what I will do with these tiny books I’m making… Right now I am more interested in making them, and I think I’d better get to it right now!





3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I like your blog because, not only do you write, but you show us your lovely art work.
    I also decided to start this blog to write about something different. I already have a blog where I write daily ‘nothings’ with humour so I wanted to write a more ‘academic’ blog, based on my work, which is in the field of addictions.
    As it turned out, I ended up writing rubbish again, and using my blog to try out some of my first steps at photography, and it seems to work!

    Maybe another blog for the academic outpourings then!!

    And I agree, it is so hard to keep up the daily post challenge but I have managed so far I think!

    • Thanks for your message and your feedback!
      addictions, he? … I think you might have found a good study-case here… I’m addicted to chocolate, chips, paper stuff of all sorts, and 100000000 more things… I really have to take care that I don’t get addicted here in blog-land! Seriously, I would be interested to read more about addictions, so let me know if you make another blog.

      • I will. I do have lots to say but it’s finding the time. And I must admit, I do like posting up trivia. It is my way of relaxing!

        Beware, blog-land is incredibly addictive!! But, thankfully, much less harmful than crack!!!!

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