first week – a list

7 days blogging in WordPress (nice to be here)

5 days doing a-post-a-day (Oh! Help! Where did I get myself into?)

100(!) all-time views this morning, 108 now (better start than I had expected)

3 pingbacks this morning (I had no idea what a pingback was, I still don’t know how to place one….)

7 days blogging and I still have a lot to learn about how it all works. Today was a hectic day in a hectic period. I will be having more of these days till the 10th of October. After that I hope I’ll have more time to explore other blogs and work on the appearance and content of my blog.

To all of you who visited my blog, left messages, clicked on the ‘like’ button and left me pingbacks: thank you! I’ll be visiting your blog as soon as I can.


4 thoughts on “first week – a list

  1. You sound how I felt when I first arrived. The Daily Post can be a challenge but it is surprising how much there is to write about and, with the help of photos here and there, I’m managing!

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