PostADay – Writers Block?

How do you guys do it? Writing so much I mean, as if it comes so easily…

This is my third day in WordPress, I have never blogged before. I have been reading and looking in other blogs, I have tons of things I should be doing with the upcoming show of my paintings in less than a month… I have started new paintings and new projects even though I know they won’t be ready by then and now I find myself trying to figure out what to write for the PostADay post. I should be concentrating on my work instead! Stupid me, taking a big risk by changing painting technique shortly before an exhibition… I could have stayed on the safe side, paint the way I’m used to… but no, I simply HAD to try another way of putting the oil-paint on my canvas. It didn’t really go the way I had wanted it to go yesterday, I will go on with them today: they will either turn out good or go straight to the trash-pile. I might post some pictures later on.

I had ‘armed’ myself with something to write about, in case I couldn’t think of anything else. It is not really necessary now, but I will post it anyway: in my quest of what to write about I even thought of my daughters’ Story Cubes. (You probably know them, otherwise look at: ) Ideas for stories come a bit slowly to me, so I’ll just post the picture now and come back with my written story later… Please feel free to use this picture if it inspires you to write something in your blog. Just let me know it so I can read it too. I’m rushing off now to buy more canvasses for yet another two new paintings… Is it smart? NO! Is it necessary? It feels very much so.

I am not a writer, I use Story Cubes - sounds like a slogan...

A note after publishing: I just realized I didn’t think of writing how the cubes work; I assumed you all know. Well, for those who don’t, here it goes: You put the cubes in any order you want and you try to make a story out of the images. Or divide them in three groups to make the beginning, the middle and the end of a story. Good luck!


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